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Gregory is on the Administrative Board of International Academy of Astrology. (IAA)

The importance of astronomy on astrology

Sunday 7 November 2021
2.00 pm - 4.00 pm AWST - 5:00pm - 7:00pm AEDT
South Perth Learning Centre
96 South Terrace, South Perth WA 6151
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Evolutionary Change in the 2020’s.

Star Club Australia / New Zealand as a part of ISAR

DETAILS: Gregory Clare
Date: Tuesday 16 November 2021
Time: 12PM AEDT
_ AEST: 11am

Duration: 1 hour 10 mins approx. with 20 minutes Q&A
Topic: Aquarius – Evolutionary Change in the 2020’s.



VIRTUAL ASTRONOMY: A Demo of “Starry Night” software with

Gregory Clare

Local Time: 8:00am - 10am AEST Aug 23rd 2021

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Appearing in the Great Theater near you!!

Mars Saturn
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the crafty ‘Rat’

The Quality & Quantity of Life on the Blue planet Earth is ‘Shifting’!
“Air” and all of attributes’ associated within will be ushered to the ‘Stage’

How will you integrate these Fixed/Solid changes?

I’ve mentioned many times that no one astronomical/astrological occurrence stands alone, multiplicity of life is governed by diversity construct.

Astrology, by its very nature, is a model based on astronomy. If we accept that astronomy underpins astrology, then astrology is preordained by astronomy’s very order. And as such our collective and our own individual stories lie within this complex dance.

Astrology is hence Mathematical, Geometrical and Grammatical.
Organic Life here on the Blue planet we call home (for now) is complex and is a reflection of the multiplicities of the solar system and beyond.

As we move into the next decade of the 2020’s earth will bear witness to Mars conjunct Saturn (March 2020) in Aquarius at 00.00degrees, this adherence is known as the Freedom fighter – the revolutionary movement mobilised.

This will then be followed by Jupiter and Saturn, at 00 degrees on Dec 22, 2020 (Solstice). And once again the Mars/Saturn pattern will repeat on the 4th of April 2022, this time Mars will be at the bending of the Scorpio south node. Finally Pluto will cross the ‘wavy lines’ at 00 Aquarius in 2023.

This ingress also signals Pluto reaching the outer limits of declination –from 2024 through to 2026 Pluto will be on the outer bounds of planet Earth. Will we take personal responsibility for the action of the past which placed us here at the Gates of Hades?

The archetype of Aquarius, (Social engineering) an ‘Air’ sign- is the image of the ‘Water Bearer’ pouring knowledge, edification into the immeasurable cosmic mystic waters of Pisces, the ‘Two Fishes’. Aquarius is said to be scientific and humanitarian, some say ‘revolutionary’. Ancient authors add-‘betrayers of opinion and truth’.

Plato suggest in the allegory of the Cave ‘shadows of illusion’. The warders or scientific manipulators standing on the planks above the prisoner keeping us shackled inside the world of illusions. 

I suggest not unlike the current illusion of consumerism; The Arch of the Preposterous-The great Mercurial illusion, bio data in the clouds. Power is now in the hands of Data collection. Amazon, Ali Baber, and so on, online giants, the great surveillance as we see inherent in China, collection and storage -storage is Saturn and collection is Moon and Data is Mercury.

Is science now replacing evolution by intelligent design?
Evolution of the future is not by the ‘Gods’ of the Sky’ but intelligent design by the ‘Gods’ of the ‘Clouds’ –Bio data –the most valuable resource on the planet.

What happens when your data is hacked?

To expand our understanding of Aquarius, Greek mythology suggest that an Urn full of magical ambrosia belonging to the Gods was spilled down on Earth, and those who witnessed it saw the scared fluid as the flow of divine knowledge. However, the culture astronomical distant archetype portrayal of Aquarius may not be quite as poetic some envisage.

One Greek version has Ganymede, the handsome adolescent slave captured by the sovereign of the Gods Zeus-Jupiter.

Zeus is said to have swopped down from the sky in the form of an Eagle and snatched Ganymede to take as his own. Ganymede becomes Zeus’ personal cupbearer. As the story unfolds the boy finds slavery unbearable and he decides to pour out the scared fluid, ambrosia, the Gods eternal honey refusing to remain Zeus’ cupbearer any longer. The legend says that the scared water fell to Earth, causing inundating rains for forty day and forty nights, creating a massive flood that covered the entire world.

Aquarius in antiquity was spoken of as a water sign, although they expressed its quality as Air.

Traditionally Aquarius is under the stewardship of Saturn, and as such a very different story emerges from the modern correspondence with Uranus. Aquarius opposes the light of the Sun-ruled Leo, and is described as cold and windswept, dark by temperament, fixed and ridged. Heraclitus’s Fire of the Cosmos internal change, light projects shadows.

Here ignorance hides under an icy sea awaiting the warmth of the Sun to break the tradition of winter.

‘The Urn of Minos , from which flowed the wrath of the navy, revenge from the wavy lines; the upright walking king ‘Man’. The people of science and exploration are the exalted ones of the Cup of Knowledge’.

However on the way to achieving this, the Black Peal encounters pirates upon the wind sweep sea.
It must be said that Saturn and Mars potential, the two bad guys, known as Malefic planets are greatly altered by their by conditions.

And as such how the future is shaped may well depend on their astronomical disposition; We as astrologers can at the very least do some work and look at these astronomical trends and asses the likely Temperament that may arise.

What can we expect? Living on other planets –AI-artificial intelligence!!!



International Academy of Astrology: Learn Astrology Online!

DPL-2 Astrology of Antiquity - Hellenistic Astrology

The primary content of this first of two 12-week study courses is to present a fundamental and comprehensive introduction to Hellenistic astrological philosophy and techniques.

The course is open to everyone: astrology students, hobbyists and professionals.

Meets: Saturday, 07:00 pm - 07:30 pm, U.S. Eastern

Sunday, 11:00am - 11:30am, AEDT Australia

First class date: 2020
Instructor:Gregory Clare
Maximum number of students: 10

Final registration: Closes on January 12, 2020

Interested Follow the link - Hellenistic CourseHellenistic Course



Astrology, What Are We Doing?


I mentioned last month that mid-October the collective unconscious/consciousness would undergo a transformative phase and that this would not be a comfortable transition-well tick-tock 'countdown'

The 'crossroad' ecliptic (Sun's apparent path) is where planetary archetype is discharged and these archetypes manifest subject to their upward or downward trajectories - 'Nodes'. 88years ago-1930 saw the Human world transformation, Pluto was unveiled, from the unconscious to the conscious.

The Nuclear sub-atomic transformation was the result. This was the 'Time' when Pluto was ascending, and now the lord of the underworld is descending, over the next 100 years, we -Humans will bear witness to 'Hades' other-side.

Astronomically (RX) and the mythological stories says Hades spends half his time underground and the other half above ground, just which is more beneficial we are about to witness.

Now what has not been noticed (Saturn -failure to notice) is that Saturn the terrestrial visual lord of all things buried has his South Node at the same intersection as Pluto 18° Capricorn.

To shorten the fable - Pluto is about to conjunct his and Saturn's South Node and sooner rather than later the two will meet in Capricorn along with Jupiter & Mars-those who haven't read my 2020 and the Fourth way article published mid 2017, ( may wish to do so before proceeding -

Since 2015 (29'47 Pisces Solar Eclipse -on the Earth's Node -00Aries) the astronomical shuffle in the 'Heaven's Above' have been turning the 'Spindle of Fate', Sun -Our Choice & Spirit lay open to the 'Soul' to choose, 'Cosmic Consciousness' appears to be in a state of 'metamorphosis', Organic life is on the change 'AI' artificial intelligence is on the rise!!

All rights reserved Gregory Clare


Astronomy & Astrology of Eclipses with Gregory Clare:

Two consecutive weeks:
August 31st & September 7th. 2018, 
solar eclipse

International Academy of Astrology presents
Astronomy & Astrology of Eclipses with Gregory Clare


Meets: Friday, 07:30 pm - 09:00 pm, U.S. Eastern
First class date: August 31, 2018
Instructor: Gregory Clare
Tuition: $60.00
Maximum number of students: 150

Final registration: Closes on August 31, 2018

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In this two- day seminar you will be introduced to the astronomy of eclipses and their timing. Additionally, you will be given information on how to use eclipses in astrological delineations.

An eclipse is a special event that aligns the two central bodies of astrology, the Sun and Moon, also known as 'The Lights'. As they align they set in motion a series of unfolding events. These events are governed by free will or choice. How will we choose to deal with these events as they unfold?

These variable, unsettling changes are related to social consciousness. They can be found on the Crossroads, which we call the Ecliptic, the path the Sun seemingly takes across our Earthly sky.

The Sun is stable. Steady as she goes. Whereas the Moon is changeable and varied criss-crossing the Sun's path, which we know as the North and South Nodes.

Astrology, by its very nature, is a model based on astronomy. If we accept that astronomy underpins astrology, then astrology is preordained by astronomy’s very order.


GREGORY CLARE retired commercial fisherman for 28 years Greg steered the boat at night with the aid of the stars. These many years of familiarity with the night sky set the scene for what was to become his passion, Astronomy and Astrology.

Gregory is on the Administrative Board of International Academy of Astrology. (IAA)

Gregory is currently teaching NAT-6 Astronomy & Other Bodies at the IAA

Greg is recently retired after 7 years as President of the Astrology Association of NSW Inc. (AANSW) and 8 years for the Sydney Astrological Research Society Inc. (SARS).

Greg is a member of the Australian Professional Astrologers (APA). He is a recently retired member of the Federation of Australian Astrologers National Council and the Australian Council of Vedic Astrologers (ACVA).

He has lectured Internationally at UAC, published in Mountain Astrologer, NCGR, FAA and also lectured on Hellenistic and Classical Astrology in Sydney and on the Gold Coast Greg also presented a series of talks at the Sydney Theosophical Society on Hermetic understanding and the work of Gurdjieff.

He was a co- convener of the 2008, 17th International Bi-Annual FAA Astrology Conference held in Sydney.

Greg wrote a monthly 'Planet Watch' for the AANSW Newsletter and has had his work on Vettius Valens published in the FAA Journal.

I was a commercial fisherman for 28 years retiring in 2002. In those 28 years as a fisherman I gained a Master Class 5 in navigation and skippered many fishing vessels up to 60 feet in length. I travelled as far east as the continental shelf some 20 miles from my home port of Iluka on the far north coast of NSW.

At age 19, learning the trade from traditional fishers, we had to steer the boat at night with the aid of the stars as there were no radar or color depth sounders let alone GPS. Our only aid was a magnetic compass. Most of the work was done at night, so familiarity with the night sky set the scene for what was to become my passion, Astronomy/Astrology. After 4 years learning the ropes I then travelled to Indonesia pursuing my other passion at that time, surfing which I have done for 35 years. (Mars in Pisces).

In 1978 I travelled to all the Islands up to Singapore. When I returned I started my land based fishing, using traditional methods which involved, among other things, fishing according to the lunar phases. Prawns and fish use different parts of the lunar phases to travel from the rivers to the ocean and vice versa. So after many years of observation of the lunar phases and the signs the moon was transiting I started to become interested in astrology. I travelled to the Himalayas in the 2000 where I walked 300 kms on foot to Tibet reaching 6,000 metres {21 thousand feet} in height and stood on the roof top of the world.

5,5oomts High in the Himalay

Again in October 2004 [pic] I made another assent to the top of the Himalayas, also traveling to Sikkim in north east India.

While on my travel's in the Himalayan mountains, I was asked on many occasions to do astrology charts for the the local Tibetan people, which also included monks from Mukitnath. On my last travels I had the aid of my pocket PC, which they all found astonishing. My other interests include music playing the guitar and I've written many songs about my adventures. Visiting museums and bush walking are other passions.